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Political and legal status of the Byzantine Emperors

Перевод Е. Скоковой.

By Velichko A.M.,

                                                   Doctor of Laws

Political and legal status of the Byzantine Emperors

(historical and ideological evolution of their powers)


«We know what fear inspires your respectable power to the evil, and what care you provide about the world of church. That is why we are praying God to save your power for a long time, which usually protects piety, reigns peacefully over the universe, judges each citizen justly, conquers the raised hands of the enemies and makes obey your scepters «

                (From the message of the Council of Chalcedon to the Emperors Valentinian III and Marcian)


«As an eye belongs to the body, so the king, given by God to the work for the common welfare, is not separable from the world. He must take care of all people as his own members, so that they have time for good things and not to experience evil «(Deacon Agapit, VIth century.)



  1. Formation of the imperial power in Rome


On January 13, 27 BC, having won the competitors, a dictator and a commander Octavian (27 – 14 BC) resigned his extraordinary power, but he retained the overall governing of the Roman state. No position, according to the Roman law, provided with such powers, and then Octavian accepted the title of «emperor», or informally princeps («first among the equal», «outstanding man with moral qualities») who, in his opinion, should legitimize the new state of affairs. Thus the imperial power was born. On May 29, 1453 during the siege of Constantinople last monarch of the Holy Roman (Byzantine) Empire, St. Constantine XI Palaeologus (1448-1453) died. Their names are associated with the beginning and the end of a historical era of human development, one and a half thousand-year era of the Roman monarchy, under gentle and caring tutelage of which Christianity was generated and propagated all over the world.  Политико-правовой статус Византийских императоров PDF

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