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Velichko Alexey Mikhailovich

Velichko Alexey Mikhailovich full State Counselor II class of Justice of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Jurisprudence. Born on April, 22nd, 1963 in Taganrog Rostov region.
Served military obligations from 1981 till 1983, in law-enforcement bodies with 1984 for 1988. A.M.Velichko graduated from college of law of the Leningrad state university in 1990. In 1995 defended Candidate dissertation on “The doctrine of B.N. Chicherin of justice and state). In 1999 A.M.Velichko became full professor of St. Petersburg University of Ministry of the Interior.
In 2000 A.M.Velichko defended Doctor’s dissertation on “National ideals of Russia and Occident: correlation of legal cultures”.
From December 1993 till February 2006 A.M.Velichko worked in different positions of judicial authorities, held the position of RF Constitutional Court Judge Counselor. From February 2006 till July 2008 A.M.Velichko was employed as Counselor of plenipotentiary of RF President in Volga Federal District. By presidential edict from July 23, 2008 #994 was appointed as Deputy of Minister of Justice of Russian Federation.
By presidential edict from 22.01.2010 # 96 was appointed as Deputy of Director of Federal Penitentiary Service.
A.M.Velichko was awarded a medal “In honor of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg”. In 2009 A.M.Velichko was awarded the title of “Honored Attorney of Russian Federation”.
The sphere of scientific interests of A.M.Velichko is made by problems of correlation of legal cultures of Russia and Occident, integration and opposition of which are visually shown in the solution to the problem of definition of a national-legal ideal, and that is fundamental for theory of State and Law 
 A.M.Velichko has published more than 40 scientific works, among them 8 monographs, 2 manuals. The most significant are: “the State ideals of Russia and Occident. Parallels of legal cultures” (1999); “To the basic principles of the Russian local government and methods of their scientific research” (1999); “Historical forms of the Russian statehood” (1999); “Christianity and a social ideal (philosophy, Law and sociology of industrial culture)” (2000); “Philosophy of Russian Statehood” (2001). 
 A.M. Velichko has proved a new perspective scientific research field – the theory of the political-legal forecasting which has appeared on a cross-sectoral issue of theory of State and Law, political science, sociology and legal philosophy. For the first time in research practice of domestic jurisprudence A.M.Velichko has elaborated the structure of the state-legal ideal considered as a complex socially-legal category, the objective and subjective factors influencing formation of model of the state ideology, optimum for modern Russia have been researched.
A.M.Velichko is the author of numerous works on Byzantium science and ecclesiastical law.

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