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Sacral basis of Law

Velichko A.M.,

Doctor of Law,

Fetisov Timofey

                                                                              Archpriest, Candidate of Theology

Перевод Е. Скоковой

Sacral basis of Law

 «Law is the eternal truth, its foundation is in God. There is God, therefore, there is Law as a universal and necessary definition of peace, which draws its life in God and flows from it. «

                             F. Harms

«Being created with free will, a person is truly free only when he lives and acts correctly, but not according to his will. Sudden, illegal wishes immerse man in slavery of sin and put him into the power of a hostile evil force, the law for which is lawlessness. Observing the law and following the path of the law, people do good and fair deeds; breaking it, disregarding the law, they are undergone to  punishment in life  on the  Earth, and in the future. «

                V.I. Ivanov

What is Law? For many centuries this question has been on the agenda of jurists. It is clear what legislation is. This is a set of existing legal acts (laws, decrees, orders, instructions), adopted by the authorized bodies of the state, establishing rules of conduct, prohibitions on certain actions and sanctions for their non-compliance. But what the word «law» means is not clear, because until today the conventional wisdom has not been formed. And the mockery of the great Immanuel Kant: «Lawyers are still looking for the right definition of law» is still actual now.

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